The remote center that has evolved into one of the most beloved neighborhoods

Those who love the center of Athens, have a few neighborhoods in their hearts and distinguish them from all others. For many, one of them is Pangrati certainly. It’s what we call the remote-center. The ideal destination if you want to break out of the hustle and bustle of the center but you don’t want to make a long trip, to Agia Paraskevi for example.

From morning to night the rhythms remain at a high pace and every hour of the day you have a good reason to go for a walk there.

Pagkrati, the neighborhood of the old taverns.

Just like you read it. In Pagkrati, fortunately for us, some of the most historic taverns of Athens have survived. You’ll find them mostly in Kato Pagkrati, where all the meetings take place since it is a famous meeting point of the region as they say. You will find dishes from Old Athens and you will remember what it’s like to go out with the company for “a little bite”. If you want a different taste now you will find guaranteed sushi, oriental flavors and gourmet dishes.

Varnava Square and its shops

Built between the regions of Pagkrati and Metz, but separated from them, Varnava Square is a hangout like no other. A favorite of the inhabitants of Pagkrati has everything you may need. It’s the neighborhood you’d like to live in as it has everything:from retro cafeterias for a relaxed stop to ouzeri (little taverns for ouzo and little-bites), pizzerias and music shops. From standard grills and “souvlaki” selling shops to sophisticated wine bars offering special gourmet meals. Certain thing is that, whatever you may be looking for, you are going to find there with excellent service and prices combined. Café Varnava definitely stands out. It is one of the oldest cafés of the square and you will realize it from the marble tables, the wooden carvings on the doors, the old frames, the atmospheric lighting inside and the chairs on the sidewalk. Go for it if you want to drink “rakomelo” (raki with honey) or beer at night.

The Palace Cinema in Pagkrati is the oldest in Athens

The oldest cinema in the city is in Pagkrati. Matthew Potagas is the owner of the Palace Cinema and can boast about the way it has been operating since 1925. He is 90 years old but has been going to the same place every day for eight decades. He has also been the owner since 1953. In the recorded voicemail message it says “Cine Palace, 109 Ymittos Avenue, in the center of Pagkrati, where the fountain is”It’s worth going to see a movie.

The night shops with the great prices

Not only will you go out at night, to have fun. But you also know that you will have a good time without costing you a fortune. You’ll find shops with a relaxed atmosphere, as if you were drinking on your balcony with the only difference that you have extra service. Many of the shops operate as an all day bar and know how to shape their style according to the time of day. You’ will feel comfortable and in the mood from the first moment you sit down. And most importantly… You’re not going to pay handsomely. You’ll have a beer for three euros and a cocktail for 5.5. And you’ll have a lot of reasons to go back and eventually Pagcrati will become your hangout.

Pagkrati, the legendary district in the center of Athens, is living new glorious moments these last years. The neighborhood that can easily compete with the hottest hangouts of the capital, has its reasons of being the hangout of students and groups of people. It is waiting for you to get acquainted with it.