Probably, the name Surza Butt doesn’t remind you of anything, and you may never have heard of it. So what if someone told you it’s a place where you can dive into the endless blue of the Aegean Sea without even the need of a boat? And yet that’s exactly what it is, and the images speak for themselves and invite you to get to know it better. It’s a beautiful beach in South Evia.

Surza Butt is a very beautiful beach in South Evia and very close to the village of Zarakes Evia. In Arvanitika (a special greek dialect), Surza Butt means fine sand and really looks like a beach as if it’s made for castaways and Robinsons Crusoe. If you look at some of the images you will understand that they ain fact two coves that are joined by fine sand and end up in a high hill.

On its right side, there is a large cave that holds at least 30 people and offers deep shade throughout the day. on its left side, there are a few rocks that create a small swimming pool, where the waters are always calm and the sand thick and very soft. On the east side there is a third beach with beautiful color, but stony.

How to get to Surza Butt Beach

the access to the beach requires 2 hours of driving from Athens to Zaraka Beach and then for access to Surza Butt there are 3 options:

A) By boat (3 minutes distance) from Zarakon Beach

B) Walking (800 meters walking). on the right of Zarakon Beach starts a path that reaches the beach (warning: there is a small difficult track – steep descent towards almost at the end of the route)

C) by Canoe from Zarakon Beach.

The images from the Haanity channel on youtube give you a picture of this beautiful beach.