Turquoise waters and small caves for exploration

Let’s assume that you’re on a beautiful beach with clear blue and clear waters. And there you discover that there are other hidden private natural beaches where you can swim alone. All these in Evia. The reason for the beach of Armyrichi that is bordered by the Aegean Sea. Swimming on this beach is a unique experience and you can enjoy it just a short time away from Athens. Ideally, it is to be there for a weekend so to be able to find your spot on… the private beaches.

Armyrichi beach is close to the famous Styra Evia but is from the side of the Aegean Sea. Once you make this beautiful route in Evia you will reach a closed cove with crystal clear waters, sand, and fine pebbles. Most of the time you won’t face any windy weather as the beach is protected. It’s only exposed when the wind is northeast.

As soon as you get there, you’ll park easily and you will find the spot where you will put your umbrella. It is necessary if you want to have shade as the beach is not organized and you will not find sunbeds and umbrellas.

However, you don’t have to carry all the supplies together as there are shops there to get coffee, food, and anything else you probably will need. You’re going to have a dream day. What makes Armyrichi beach stand out is the fact that it has its own… private beaches. In fact, these are created by two-three caves which are located next to the beach. And because of that, it creates openings – beaches in which a group or family actually fits.

Evia: The sandy beach that creates small natural beaches of its own

In this case, we advise you to get there early to find a spot. If you go a little later, it’s probably going to be taken by others. The best thing is to go to the area for the weekend and find your spot. The crystal clear waters of the sea and the privacy of the beach will offer you a special experience.

How to get to Armyrichi beach

To get to Armyrichi you will need about 2.5 hours from the center of Athens. But the route and the destination will reward you. You can see HERE exactly where The Beach of Armyrichi is in Evia and prepare your things for your excursion…

External photography source: Google Maps