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Autumn is the time when you are nostalgic in the summer and so your appetite for excursions increases. And Evia is always a good opportunity for a one-day trip or even a weekend. It has slightly more mountainous villages that you enjoy them. One such beautiful village in Evia is Drymonas with its famous waterfalls.

The village of Drymonas in North Evia is a well-known and favorite destination for excursions away from Athens. In addition to the monastery of St. David, it is also known for the beautiful waterfalls of the river sipia. The famous waterfalls are located between the villages of Kerasia and Drymonas at an altitude of 620 meters. The waterfalls from a height of 15 meters. The wonderful natural environment, with green landscape and black pine trees to make the place special, can be the excursion of September or October.

The waterfalls of Drymonas is a location of unique natural beauty. The route you take to get there consists of a green landscape. It will fill you with a unique feeling of peace and tranquility.

Drymonas and its history

There are two versions of how the area got its name. One mentions that it is from the dense oak forest that surrounds it. The second version has to do with strong cold weather that prevails in the area during the winter months.

Evia one-day trip

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Walking through the waterfall area you will find a wooden pavilion with a small exhibition of local plants as well as fossils that have been found in the area. They have also been constructed by the Forest Service with natural materials, tree trunks and ropes, bridges, and supports. This way you will enjoy the unprecedented waterfalls through a short trek.

The river Sipia creates a magical sight by scattering its water in the dreamy waterfalls. The waterfalls with a rock and momentum from a height of 15 meters in a crystal lake surrounded by rocks and forest. This verdant lake is of great ecological value due to the dense fir forest that surrounds it and you combine with the rare black pine trees.

Evia: Ideal destination for an excursion

You can also combine your stay in other villages such as Rodies or Agios. This season, in fact, the golden-yellow leaves will make your excursion magnificent and will fill you with beautiful memories. To see exactly how you’re going to get to drymonas you can click HERE.