If you’re there, you’re probably going to swim alone.

There are Greek beaches that you hear being discussed continually and there are also beaches that you may have never heard of in your life. But when it’s time to discover them, you are enchanted and wonder how is it possible that they’ve been unknown to you until now. In this category belongs the beach Domata in Crete. A beach that you only approach by boat. That’s probably why it’s the only one untouched by human intervention and it’s riveting you as soon as you get there.

Domata beach of Crete only by boat

Domata is a beach of rare natural beauty. There, you will find the crystal clear waters of the Cretan sea. It has started to stand out as one of the top beaches in Crete. The magnificent beach of Domata is located approximately east of Sougia and 58 km south of Chania. It’s the area of Tseses.

The famous and wild gorge of Klados ends at this beach. If you ever get there, you will see a beach with fine crystal clear pebbles and blue waters. If you dig the sand, you might even find fresh water. Of course, since there is no access from the mainland, the beach in the area is not organized. This means that you have to take the essentials with you. But not umbrellas. This is because there are pines that are located near the beach and offer natural shade and the possibility of camping.

Domata is undoubtedly one of the best, although unknown to many, beaches of Greece. It is in an isolated place which in fact keeps it intact as if taken from paradise.

Domata: The enchanting beach of Crete that you only go by boat

But where did the beach get its name from? Domata took its name from the stepped arrangement of cobblestone rocks. They’re said to be reminiscent of roofs or, otherwise, “Domata” (Domata in Greek means Roofs). So the name. For their creation, the huge amounts of pebbles and dust that come from the gorge, are responsible. Waves and wind their own part in this as well.

The beach of Domata in Crete is proof that Greece keeps astonishing you, as much as you explore it!

If you finally seek to be there you will be alone with the sea, the sun and the pines.