It is ideal for families with children and for those who want to… just splash.

We parked our car and were presented with s sandy beach, flat as a plate and spread all the way to a quiet bay. We are in Syros and specifically in Galissa,a fishing village famous for its calm waters and how ideal it is to spend a family vacation there. Going down the stairs to the beach, I noticed two children who seemed to swim in deep water and also walk at the same time hunting each other. For a few seconds, I was trying to figure out what was going on. It was simple, this beach extends so much into the sea and, at the same time has so shallow waters, that no matter how much you walk the water does not rise above your knees. We had just arrived at a beach that is a dream for every parent.

Galissas beach is one of the most famous in Syros for both its size and soft sand. It’s spread out in such a way, that you won’t annoy anyone, or get bothered by anyone, wherever you may sit. You can choose umbrellas and sunbeds in one part, but also you can sit with your towel wherever you want in its other, more alternative side. In its advantages, there’s one more thing. The fact that, apart from the long sandy beach, it forms a conceivable gamma (a greek letter consisting of two straight lines combined in an angle of 90 degrees to each other). There’s a ledge there, where you can also sit on.

You can put your towel on it and go down the small stairs per few meters or dive directly into the water (carefully though, because it has no depth). This is an ideal solution for those who do not love having sand in their flip flops. We do not belong to this category. So, once you place your apparition and get ready for a swim, then you’ll realize what this is all about.

You walk and walk some more into the sea and the water reaches knee-high. It is one of the shallowest beaches of the Cyclades with warm waters mainly (being there in September is like a dream) and you have to walk for a long distance in order to reach deeper waters.

The beach where, no matter how much you walk, its waters do not rise above your knees.

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It is of no coincidence that the beach of Galissas is chosen mainly by families as they definitely feel safer in this place. You can also rent a water bike and get further into the sea. From there, you can dive as much as you like overlooking the village from within the sea.

The water is always clean and your swimming is guaranteed until the sun goes down. If you’re in Syros this summer and you like shallow water, then you’ve found out which beach will offer you such a swim…