Calm waters for relaxing moments…

Apart from the many beautiful beaches of Attica, the options for a Sunday swimming close to Attica are a lot. And the Peloponnese is so close that you can take a one-day trip and at the same time so far away that it makes you feel like you’ve completely left the mess and routine of everyday life. One such option is to Diakopto beach where you will definitely enjoy an all-day swim and spend relaxing moments in a quiet place.

Diakopto Beach: The sandy beach that combines mountain and sea

If you choose the Diakopto beach for a one-day trip you should keep in mind that you will have to start early in the morning. To get there you’ll need less than two hours, but the ride is so comfortable on the highway that you’ll think you’ve made even less time. Once you get there, you’ll find that you’re going to swim on a beach that even if it’s crowded… It doesn’t look like it.

Its area allows you to be at a distance from other swimmers and to enjoy your swim safely in clear waters.

The beach of Diakopto combines what we call mountain and sea because on the one hand, you have your feet on the Corinthian Sea and on the other, behind you, there is the mountain. So if you are in the area of Kalavrita for a holiday and want to take a dive, this can certainly be your first choice. An idyllic environment that offers you the relaxation you seek in the summer.

Beach ideal for all-day swimming

The characteristic on the beach of Diakopto is that the most of the people stay there from morning until sunset. And not without a cause. That’s what we did the last time we were there. Besides, on the beach, there are two beach bars that you can buy anything you want. Respecting the rules and hygiene in them will make you feel even more comfortable and safe, which everyone especially wants this summer.

What is certain, however, is that the beach of Diakopto is one of those you will visit again…

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