The first impression that stays in your heart forever

Kythera is the island you’ll love from the first moments you’ll set your foot there. And this love will continue as you walk around the island. As you walk through the graphical alleys and swim in the turquoise waters. A unique feeling you’ll remember for a long time. It will make you consider Kythera much more than one time visit. And you start all over again. Besides, the first impression of a place is very important. Diakofti is the first place you meet when you arrive in Kythera.

Diakofti, the earthly paradise of Kythera

Kythera is a rare beauty destination worth visiting. But the first thing you meet when you reach the port of the island is the magical Diakofti. The settlement is a small fishing village with an exotic beach of turquoise waters and white sand.

What will impress you in Diakofti is the shipwreck that dominates the area in the middle of the Aegean Sea, just outside the settlement. Due to its location, the bow of the ship sticks out from the water and has become a tourist attraction. As a result, it has become a trademark of the island. It’ll attract you to come closer and to travel back to time and history.

And that’s generally the case on the island. It gives you the feeling that you want to explore everything. And why wouldn’t you? The beautiful places are your ally and the hospitable residents will help you with everything.

Diakofti: The dream port of Kythera1

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When you find yourself in Diakofti and walk along the beach you will notice that some houses are located on the beach. This forming an environment that you find in exotic islands. And that’s where you’re going to get stuck…

Diakofti is about 32 km from Kythera Town The road network is in good condition and you can drive safely. Staying for a while in the settlement you will find a few taverns to taste local delicacies. There is a developed network of hotels or rooms to rent so you can have a comfortable stay. You’ll find everything you want and everything that will make you come back there again and again!

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