Ideal excursions for three days

Whether you want to be apart for a while from the car, the traffic, and the noise or if you want to reduce the costs on your trip, there are many solutions for escapes near Attica and even on an island. The islands near Attica are ideal for car-free excursions as they will make you completely escape from the everyday life of Athens. You take the boat or the dolphin and you are for a weekend on graphical beaches and settlements that you will definitely have a good time.

The three islands close to Attica where cars are not allowed


Spetses is the island where you don’t need a car to go, but also it is not allowed. You will arrive there in just 2.5 hours from the port of Piraeus by ferry. You can alternatively go from Porto Heli. You will go via the National road Athens-Corinth following the route to Epidaurus-Porto Heli to Costa in Porto Heli. From there you will pass very easily to Spetses by ferry, boat or water taxi. The distance is about 15 minutes.

What is certain is that you will enjoy relaxed walks around or even by horse carriage. You will walk through quiet beaches with crystal clear and shallow waters and you will relax in a noble environment. Don’t forget to take a walk in the Old Port, between the traditional carnagios and go for a visit to bouboulina’s Mansion which is used as a museum. You’ll live a two-day without a car that will make you want to return to the island soon.


If you haven’t been to this unknown paradise near Attica, you have to do it. To get to the island of Trizonia you will drive a distance of 250 km from Athens which is worth it. From then on, forget the car, if you haven’t already done it by getting a bus to Nafpaktos. When you arrive at the port of Chania you will take the boat to the island, a journey that does not last more than 10 minutes.

In Trizonia you will see a traditional settlement with a special natural beauty. Due to this beauty, the movement of wheeled vehicles (cars – motorbikes) is prohibited. This is the nicest as you enjoy a quiet getaway. For your swim, you have to choose between three beaches. The longest and most characteristic with the red sand is located in Punta, i.e. two kilometers southeast of the port.

The other two beaches are smaller and are called White Gravel and Kapsalis. What’s certain is that you will be completely satisfied if you visited them.

Hydra island

Attica: Nearby islands that do not need a car1

And who doesn’t want to enjoy a three-day trip to the lady of the Argosaronikos? Hydra is the right thing to do for an escape without a car. You’ll leave your car at the port of Piraeus. From there in about an hour and a half, you will be there to enjoy this graphical island. The only means of transport are donkeys, bicycles and horses. With water taxis, you can reach beautiful beaches and enjoy your swim.

Apart from this, Hydra offers you a stately beauty and a unique view of the Aegean Sea. The island is also famous for its gastronomy.