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Greek Jewellery: a centuries old tradition and the best gift to take back home

Greece has a long tradition in jewellery making, dating back to ancient times. Actually, exquisite and elaborate pieces of jewellery can be found in the major museums of the country, even from the Mycenaean and Minoan periods, to the classical period and the Byzantine times. What is most intriguing is that some of the basic patterns that inspired the jewellery makers of older times, are still present in modern Greek jewellery: the serpent, transformed into beautiful bracelets or necklaces, or the geometrical pattern of Meander, known as the Greek key design, used in many styles.

Byzantine style jewellery is more elaborate and adorned with precious stones. Greece was one of the first countries in history to issue its own coins for everyday exchanges, and copies of these masterful coins are embedded in wonderful pieces of jewellery. What could be a better gift to take back home than a piece of Greek handmade jewellery? There is an abundance of jewellery stores in the historical center of Athens as well as in all the main tourist areas of Greece.