At Anafiotika you will feel like being in a Greek island in the middle of Athens

Anafiotika is one of the historical treasures of Plaka, the picturesque iconic neighborhood of Athens. When strolling in the alleys of Anafiotika you are taken back in time, just meters away from the crowded Athens center. It is built in the Cycladic architectural style by the builders that arrived here from the island of Anafi to build the Palace of King Otto in the 19th century. Most of the original village was destroyed in 1950 for archaeological research and today only about 45 houses remain.

Unfortunately many tourists who visit here miss the experience of wending their way through the tiny lanes to enjoy the magnificent viewpoints over the red-tiled roofs of Plaka across the vast expanse of what is greater Athens. Even though quite a few tourists find their way to the Anafiotika, there are no souvenir shops or tavernas. It is quiet and isolated, an oasis in bustling Athens.

How to get to Anafiotika Region