With its rugged landscape, Vlychada beach is ideal for loners and adventurous types

Vlychada beach is located on the north western side of Andros, about 40 km from the capital, Chora and 10 km from Gavrio. It is considered among the most beautiful beaches of the island, split in two by an impressive rock formation. With soft sand and crystal blue water, Vlychada stands out with its natural beauty and its rugged landscape.

Because of its remote location and the track road that leads there, Vlychada is visited by few tourists seeking calmness and privacy, so your peace and quiet is guaranteed if that is what you are looking for. Locals say that it is a good spot for fishing. Keep in mind that the closest tourist facilities are found in Fellos and Gavrio, so be sure to take with you basic provisions.

How to get to Vlychada Beach