Let the music of ‘nisiotika’ carry you away to the dance floor

The ‘nisiotika’ songs have become an indispensable part of the Greek glenti and panigiri (feasts and celebrations), played in local festivals in the islands of the Aegean Sea, attracting young people who can appreciate the lyricism, tenderness and musicality of these songs.

Listening to this warm hearted, overwhelming and emotionally intense poetic language, it is not hard to imagine the hospitality and good heartedness of the islanders. At the ‘panigiria’ and glentia’, the visitors, especially the foreign ones, always feel welcomed by the locals who treat them to food and wine.

Keep in mind that they won’t take no for an answer when they will try to drag you the music floor, where everybody dances to the tunes of nisiotika. Don’ t be shy, you will easily follow the steps, let the wine do the work!