Niborio beach is at a stone’s throw from Chora in Andros

Nimborio beach emanates the atmosphere of the port it once was and it still serves as a harbour for fishermen boats and yachts. Only 300 meters to the north of Chora, the island’s capital, it is easily accessible by car or on foot. Part of the beach is organized with sun chairs, umbrellas and showers.

A few cafes and some traditional tavernas along the coast maintain a discrete but really helpful presence with local delicacies and fresh fish. The waters are shallow which makes Nimborio ideal for families with children and it is worth mentioning that they are also very clean despite the presence of many boats.

The beach is a favorite with the locals and it is also the location of the upscale Nautical Club. Despite the proximity to the island’s capital, Nimborio is quite tranquil, with a beautiful view of the Chora’s traditional architecture to the right.

How to get to Niborio Beach