Kydonieos Institute with its rich activity is synonymous to culture in Andros

Kydonieos Institute is a non profit foundation established in 1994 in Chora, the capital of Andros and its main objective is the promotion of cultural events and exhibitions in the island. The Foundation’s philosophy aims in two directions, the first of which is to culturally educate people of Andros.

For this reason, the pottery workshop started operating in 1997, while since 1994 the Foundation provides Byzantine music lessons to children and adults and instrument lessons (mandolin, guitar, piano) to children aged 7-18.

The second direction encompasses the events taking place during summer. Since 1995, the Foundation is organizing a special event called “Ploes” that takes place every summer introducing important painting and sculpture exhibitions of famous Greek artists, like Tsoklis, Pavlos, Takis and others.

How to get to Kydonieos Institute