Chrissi Ammos is a very popular golden beach with soft sand and amazing waters

With its name which literally means ‘golden sand’, Chrissi Ammos is beyond doubt one of the most beautiful and popular beaches of Andros. It is located on the island’s central road from Gavrio, the island’s port, to Batsi, right between Kypri and Agios Petros.

This is a long beach with soft sand and amazing waters, organized with umbrellas and sun-beds, and beach bars offering shade and refreshing drinks. One of its most important assets is the fact that it is sheltered from the north winds, making it a safe bet on a windy summer day. Some water-sports are available, such as surfing, sea bicycles, skiing and canoe. In the wider region there is an abundance of accommodations and restaurants.

How to get to Chrissi Ammos Beach