Culture, natural beauty, deep blue waters, Andros has it all

Culture, nobility, quaint alleys, fragrant gardens, stone mansions laden with bougainvilleas and neoclassical buildings. Gorgeous beaches, some popular, others isolated but all unique with crystal clear water. Abundant springs, plane trees, creeks, small waterfalls not to be found in any other island of the Cyclades. And all these in Andros at a distance of just two hours from the port of Rafina in Attica.

Batsi, Gavrio and Agios Petros are the most famous tourist places on the island, on its western side. Thanks to its affluent seafaring community, Andros stands out with its impressive neoclassical mansions, and its variety of museums and cultural foundations, all bearing witness to the island’s rich history and civilization. In the summer months, the Museum of Modern Art exhibits works of famous Greek and international artists, attracting visitors from all over the world.

The island is also a walker’s paradise. Its wild mountains are cleaved by fecund valleys with bubbling streams and ancient stone mills. On this lush island, springs tend to be a feature of each village and waterfalls cascade down hillsides most of the year. It’s worth renting a car to get out to the footpaths, many of them stepped and cobbled, which will lead you through majestic landscapes and among wildflowers and archaeological remnants.

Explore Andros Island. An island with a character