A heaven on earth near you

It’s Saturday morning, it’s hot, and you’d like to be on an island and wet your feet in to the sea. But you are in Athens and your choices are limited to the beaches of Attica. So how about going to a beach that looked like an island but would only take 40 minutes to get there? There’s one , since the turquoise waters remind you of something from the Ionian Sea. The reason for Althea beach, a heavenly place, a breath away from Athens.

Althea Beach, turquoise waters next to Athens

Suppose you start with your car from the center of Athens. All you need to do is reach the 35th kilometer of the athens-sounio coastal road. From then on, you have before you a turquoise paradise waiting for you to cool off.. The beach belongs to the homonymous settlement and is very beloved by the residents. So they’re taking care her, and you’ll always find her clean. But also peaceful. And this second thing we’re mentioning is very important to you. That’s because you shouldn’t go in a very cosmopolitan place, for example, with racquetball for all to play.

Althea beach is a quiet place that looks like an island next to Athens. A small picturesque cove with fine pebbles and wonderful crystal clear waters in which you will enjoy diving, sunbathing and reading a book on the beach. Althea (i.e. sea view as als means water) used to be a well-hidden secret but now has some fanatical visitors especially on weekends. If you can go as for first time on a week day then its ideal because you will see the even calmer and picturesque side of it.

How to get to Althea

Keep in mind that you will see the church of Agia Marina and then wait to see the sign with the name Althea. That’s where you’ll see an alley. The alley that leads you to the little paradise. In fact, it leads you to a small parking lot where you can leave your car.

The beach has a few steps that lead you to the sandy beach. Because of this staircase the beach is used to be called “Skalala”. If you have a vehicle, access is very easy by means of transport. Every half hour bus 122 stops there from Glyfada. It leaves you right on the sign we mentioned earlier.

See HERE exactly where Althea Beach is located in Attica.

Good dives!