Explore Mykonos riding its dependable buses

Mykonos has one of the best bus systems in the Greek islands; the buses run frequently and on schedule and since they run until 2 a.m. you can depend on them to get back to your hotel or the villa you are renting after a night of clubbing.

Depending on your destination, a ticket costs about .50€ to 4€. There are two bus stations in Chora, the capital of the island: one near the Archaeological Museum and one near the Olympic Airways office (follow the helpful blue signs).

At the tourist office, find out which station the bus you want to take leaves from, or look for schedules in hotels. Bus information in English is sometimes available from the the KTEL office (tel. 22890/23-360).

A regular bus connects the New Port with the southern bus station, and there are buses running between the southern bus station and the nearby airport. In the summer there is a bus to Paradise Beach from the Old Port. A private transfer bus operates in summer’s peak time every hour (11am to 11pm) from the Old Port to Paradise Beach (via Fabrika).