It might be very close to you…

The strange places and events of Greece are so many and the more we explore them, the more we like to discover them. So one of these strange things is the only confirmed meteorite fall in our country. Do you know where it’s happened and when? The only place in Greece that has fallen meteorite is in Serres. This story is of particular interest…

The only place in Greece that has fallen meteorite

So there is a place in our country where there is the only confirmed meteorite fall many years ago. It is called SERRES and the discovery took place in 1818. And the meteorite may have fallen in Greece, but today it is on exhibit at the NhM Naturhistorisches Museum Wien in Vienna.

The meteorite fell in Serres in 1818 and was noticed by two Germans who were nearby. They were the ones who handed it over, in fact, to the Ottoman commander of the region. However, the commander did not evaluate it as something important, so it was passed on as a gift to his German doctor.

After it had changed hands to the chemistry professor Andrea Scherer, the meteorite was finally donated in 1844 to the Vienna Museum of Natural History. It is finally the only meteorite that has been found so far on Greek soil. If you look at the International Meteorite Bulletin of the Lunar and Planetary Institute, you will find that it is officially mentioned as a meteorite of Greek origin.

strange Greek SerresThe serrealismos page has created the historical sight on Google Maps outside Neochori Serres and you can see exactly where it is located by clicking HERE.

With the first opportunity you will be in Serres, it is interesting to see up close one of the strange places in Greece. Strange not because it has something special in itself. But because something unique happened there. After all, It’s not common a meteorite to… choose to fall on you anyway.

Photo Source: The Meteoritical Society, the International Society of Meteoritics and Planetary Science