A weird and wild beauty you don’t often come across

The beaches in Greece are often a surprise. You can find special features in the most amazing places. Beaches you’ve never heard of even once in your life. One of them is the blackest beach in Greece. And if that sounds weird to you, you’ll understand when you see the pictures.

The blackest beach in Greece and the island you will find it

The blackest beach in Greece is located on one of the most beautiful islands of the Aegean Sea. And if your mind goes straight to Santorini, then you’re wrong. It’s on Chios island in the northern Aegean Sea. In the southern part of the island and more specifically, about 30 kilometres from the city and 5 kilometres from the famous village of Pyrgi with the elaborate designs of its houses, you will find yourself in front of a special sight created by an eruption of a nearby volcano in antiquity times. So, there is a beach with black, shiny stones that have a round shape. Thanks to them the blackest Greek beach in Greece is called “Mavra Volia” or “Emporios”.

The beach of “Mavra Volia” is close to the now inactive volcano Psaronas and is divided into two parts. The first part is known as “Mavros Gialos” and the second part as “Phoki”. Its lunar and otherworldly image has made it an attraction for both Greek and foreign travellers who rush to it to enjoy their dives in its crystal clear waters, even if they look scary since the stones give them a dark colour.

A beach that offers you an alternate experience

“Mavra Volia” is divided into small successive bays. Around it, there are imposing mountains offering a natural shade at the same time. The waters of this beach are usually very cold but the whole picture offers you an experience that you will never forget.

This is the most impressive
The blackest beach in Greece. Chios island at its best.

Even more impressive are the images when there is rain. Then, the all-black, shiny stones that form the beach shine from the raindrops that fall on them. “Mavra Volia” is not a classic beach with crystal clear waters like the many you may have seen in our country. What is certain, however, is that the blackest beach in Greece will offer you images that none else can.

Within walking distance of the beach, you can enjoy your coffee and food in the small port of Emporios, which is within walking distance of the beach. Also, if you are so charmed and want to live through this unique experience, you can book a room in this village and stay as long as you want.

Chios and the black beach are for those who want to escape the usual golden beaches with turquoise waters that are more reminiscent of an exotic landscape. Its natural and wild beauty makes it unique in its kind throughout Greece. What’s certain is that your album will be filled with rare photos.