Traditional Scyrian flavors and organic products

Gastronomy is always the element that plays its part in how well we spend our holidays. Tasting the flavors, we enjoy another aspect of our trip at the same time. A gastronomy journey from which you can often be shown various facts about the culture of the place you visited. Each dish can be a short history journey. And apart from all that, good food is always the seal of a good vacation. Skyros is definitely the island that earns a special place in the food category and as far as our trip is concerned it owes it greatly to a restaurant. Its Manna,the restaurant that makes you want to return to the island to taste its flavors. The Scyrian gastronomy at its best…

Skyros, traditional breakfast with organic products

Manna is on the main pedestrian street of Chora and the truth is that we did not discover it by accident. Our friends told us that if we don’t stop by to try the famous oil pie and the meat we are going to miss a great experience. And they were right. We even enjoyed our last bite to the fullest.

Our gastronomy journey started from traditional Sunday breakfast of Manna restaurant. We tried scrambled eggs and tomatoes with a unique taste. And it made sense as the vegetables they use are from their own farm. So is the meat to which we will refer later. After enjoying our traditional breakfast, we also drank our coffee which was at the same quality level.

Manna is one of the exceptions that does not lag behind in one dish emphasizing another. Looks like it’s all so made with passion that you don’t know what to first say when you go a second time.

Manna, a restaurant you will remember

After being convinced by the quality of the materials the first morning we had breakfast on the island we decided to visit it for our dinner. We’re convinced everything’s done to the last detail. The menu has no excesses or many dishes that confuse you. A simple menu from which whatever you choose you will understand the difference in taste. And we can say for sure that the beef burger is the best we’ve ever eaten. Surely the fact that the meat is local and 100 organic, from their own farm plays the key role for its unique taste.

Just as enjoyable are his salads in which the vegetables had a strong color and taste. No wonder they’d just come out of the bostan. The courtesy of the staff and the aesthetics of the restaurant have made our gastronomy journey.

So we decided to book our trip to Skyros by visiting Manna again on the last of our five days on the island. To keep these Scyrian flavors etched in our memory. And make a promise that we’ll be back soon…

Tip: If you are in Manna on your way out, you should definitely get honey from the local producers. You’ll also find other goodies that are traditional and pure. Buy some so you can extend the enjoyment of Scyrian gastronomy to your home.

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