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There are some islands that may not belong to what is considered to be much-photographed and much discussed, but they win you over from the first moment you set foot on them. Skopelos, the island of the forest with the blue waters, belongs to this category. An island in the Sporades Complex that charms you with its simplicity and tranquillity. Until you take your first vacation there when you’re going to love this unique combination of green and blue.

Skopelos: The island of the forest with the blue waters

Skopelos was always more low-key than the nearby bustling and cosmopolitan Skiathos. On the one hand, it does not fall short at all in beauty, on the other, it is quieter and more ideal for a somewhat relaxed vacation. What fascinates you, of course, are its beaches with trees touching the water. One of the most famous beaches is Kastani beach. This particular beach became, not unfairly, known by the film Mama Mia. Kastani is essentially close to Milia and you need about 20 minutes to get there from Chora (the main town and capital). The two of them are joined by a path that you can easily walk.

Another well-known beach is Stafylos. If you’re in Chora and you want to go somewhere close-by, it is the one you’re going to choose. It is large with everything you need for a comfortable swim without feeling crowded or noisy. Those who have been there have left with the best of impressions.

If you stand on a sandy beach and look at the island, you will see that it is a green place on a blue background. And that’s one of the key features that fascinate visitors. Even in the smallest piece of land, you can see the pine trees hugging the place. The whole formulation is ultimately unique. Pine trees touching the sea, wild rocks and turquoise waters. You go on vacation and stay there forever.

Skopelos: The island of the forest with the blue waters

Skopelos, an island for a quiet holiday

This island of the Sporades Islands is not one of those that are very cosmopolitan in nature, which sometimes give you a kind of fatigue. It is an island for total rest and relaxation. Your program will include walks in the picturesque, cobbled streets of Chora, dives in blue waters and tests of traditional flavours. In Chora, you can find the folklore museum which is worth visiting. There, you will find hangouts that you would also like to have in Athens. They offer you cool cocktails with panoramic views, especially during sunsets.

Generally speaking, it is an island that will not leave you untouched and will pleasantly surprise you with what it has to offer. All you need to do is have a good mood and plan to swim on as many exotic beaches as you can. You will surely be rewarded…

A video of the beauties of Skopelos from above will convince you…