Santorini’s cuisine combines humble materials with highend gastronomy

Today Santorini has become the ultimate gastronomic destination in Greece. Unique agricultural products, pioneering restaurants with national and international awards, hospitable tavernas with local dishes, wineries that offer wonderful wine tastings and tours, special shops stocked with local products, cookery lessons, gastronomic sightseeing have all set the stage for a very special experience for food lovers.

Here you have the opportunity to taste products that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Despite the ostensible poverty of Santorini’s raw materials, its cuisine could not be tastier. Its fava is renowned and delicious in all its manifestations, there are delicate, light tomato and zucchini fritters, exquisite, tangy eggplant dip, succulent sun-dried tomatoes and tomato pastes, fried white eggplant (sweeter than the purpley ones), seafood, lountza (cured pork fillet) in vinsanto with sugar and fennel seed.

Although many traditional recipes can be found in the island’s tavernas, in some of them these local products have been turned into divine creations in the hands of certain young chefs. With their imaginative spirit and their dedication to injecting new life into Santorini’s cuisine, they offer inspiration and artistry to dishes without betraying their fundamental goodness.

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