Crystal waters a la… Caribbean

If you know someone who has gone on vacation to Koufonisia, the sure thing is that he will have told you all about the beaches and he probably wants to go back again. And I’m sure Pori alone will be one of them. A dream beach they call paradise. And not unfairly. It is one of the popular tropical beaches of the island. With its blue, crystal clear waters, ready to welcome the most demanding visitors. It’s hard to describe the rare beauty, but if you visit it, you certainly will not forget it easily.

Pori in Koufonisia have been described as one of the most beautiful beaches not only of the island but also of the whole of Europe. There you will see blue, crystal clear waters and soft sand that challenges you to build towers and castles at any age. It is a large and spread sandy beach, comfortable and safe no matter how many people are there.

It is located at the base of a large natural bay which protects it from the winds. That means you’ll rarely see a wave there. This protection ensures serene waters, perfect for swimming for young and old. ensuring peaceful waters. If you find yourself on this beach in Koufonisia, you will definitely make another one from the top 5 of your preferences. That’s what those who visit it say, and that’s what we confirm.

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If you find yourself on Puri beach, it is worth knowing that very close are the sightseeing caves of Xylobatis, Milk and the cave called The Devil’s Eye.

Pori: The beach called

How to get to the majestic sandy beach

To see exactly where the beach is you can click HERE. There are 2 drive routes, equally remarkable to approach this magical corner of the Aegean Sea. The distance from the nearest village is 3.5 km whichever route you choose the view is amazing. Swimming in these waters will be unforgettable. Alternatively, you can choose to reach the beach with a boat that goes there every hour.

Whatever you choose, Pori Beach or paradise will steal your heart…

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