A beach spread out for quietness and meditation

When you go to Naxos you know that you will find nice villages to walk around you will eat good food, you will meet hospitable people to show you around and you will enjoy your swimming in long, spread beaches. One such beach is Kastraki. A famous one and not unfair. It is one of the beaches where you will enjoy your swimming no matter how many people you find there. It’s a huge beach with a long size

Kastraki Beach is one of the largest and most beautiful beaches of Naxos. It is located in a small cove, next to the peninsula of Mikri Vigla. The environment in Kastraki is heavenly, as the white fine sand and green-blue waters compose an image of unique beauty complemented by the cedar trees which offering precious natural shade.

For the most part, the beach is organized with sunbeds and umbrellas. During the summer months, it gathers a lot of people, but without creating crowding since due to its large area there are many different access points along the beach. September is a dream. The waters are warmer, the people are not so many and the calmness offered by the sand relaxes you from the rush and the everyday life.

Kastraki beach, moreover, is famous for its quietness, and is an ideal location for fishing and anchoring small boats.

Everything you want to know about Kastraki Beach

The beach in Kastraki is located 16 km south of Naxos Town. Access to the beach is easy either by private or rented means of transport.

If you want to enjoy your meal you will find several welcoming taverns in the surrounding area overlooking the beach and the open sea.

Also if you want to continue your swim, on one of the other nearby beaches, you can go to the long beach of Agios Prokopios.

Naxos is an island that you will enjoy holidays filled with experiences and you will definitely return…