Mykonos’ windmills are living proof of the island’s rich commercial past

The iconic windmill complex ‘Kato Myloi’, situated southwest of Mykonos Town, between scenic Little Venice and the quarter of Niohori, impress every visitor with their snow-white magnificence, built in a row facing the sea.

From as early as the 16th century the windmills have been one of the most recognizable landmarks of the island due to it’s geographic position, on a major sea trade-route that at one time connected Venice, the gateway of Europe, to Asia.The need to refine grain and compact it for transport combined with an ample year round supply of wind, made Mykonos the perfect location.

Easy access to the harbor was necessary so most of the island’s mills were positioned around the main port.With the advent of industrialization the windmills importance began to decline along with their numbers.

Today, 16 old windmills are still standing, most of them thoroughly renovated. Some of them have been turned into houses, others into vaults for the keeping of local heritage monuments. But all of them remain proof of the island’s rigorous financial past.

How to get to Windmills