A pure beach which reminds us the oldest times of Greece

Strange places and especially names of places and beaches. It’s everything you discover exploring Greece. Would you ever imagine that there is a cool and exotic part of Greece called Mandri and you can visit it whenever you want? And yet it exists and is located two hours away from Athens. By taking your car you can find yourself on a unique beach which is located in Evia. The reason for the famous Mantri of Greece that has nothing to do with what you might imagine.

The beautiful Mandri beach is located in Niborio of Evia. It is a large and beautiful cove that has crystal clear, blue waters and sand that gives you calm moments for swimming and diving. Due to its location, the bay is windless which means that you will rarely encounter winds there that will block your swimming.

It is a place magnificent and with beautiful scenery. When you arrive you will find that there is shallow sand all over the beach while at the sea bottom there are sea anemones. Of course, it is not an organized beach with sunbeds and beach bars but an isolated and quiet sandy beach. All that’s nearby is stable. it is called this exotic beach of Evia. It is one of the purest beaches in Greece that perhaps reminds us of an older era of our country…

How to get to Mandri Beach

This exotic beach is only 40 minutes from Athens if you want to go by boat. If you now follow the classic route and take your car, you’ll need about two hours by car. Once you arrive you will need to walk on a passable path for about 350 meters. According to the channel Haanity of Youtube who published the impressive images of this beach from above, access is via a path that starts where the main beach of Nibore is ending in Evia. And you may have to walk a few feet to get there, but the result will reward you.