A unique experience in the island of contrasts

Karpathos has been on our holiday plan for the last few years and all we needed is to make the decision to explore this island that many of our friends had told us so much. Just hearing that this is an island with 100 beaches, you know you’re going to have a good time. And since this year we finally decided and set the dates, we found ourselves in search of accommodation. It was of the best choice we could make to spend this summer Lux View Villas Karpathos in Katodio is one of the places that you realize that it’s even better than you thought.

Luxury holidays in accommodation that has it all

We lived the real meaning of luxury and at the same time alternative holidays in a unique combination. And that’s because. in the morning you might find us on a steep beach or for hiking and in the afternoon enjoy swimming in the private swimming pool with jacuzzi at Lux View Villas. It is one of the few holiday cases that we enjoyed so much our accommodation that one of the five days we stayed there we spent it exclusively in our villa. We experienced luxury to the fullest and enjoyed everything the property offered us. is that possible to leave your private pool from which you enjoy the endless blue view?

What makes you want to return again is the fact that you spend your vacation on an alternative island (which has not been altered by tourism) and at the same time, you can live a luxurious stay. Lux View Villas will take care of everything, even for you to have separate towels for your private pool, a children’s dining chair if you are on a family holiday, and a fully equipped kitchen. You feel the security of your home and the luxury of an accommodation that leaves nothing to chance. Great attention has been paid to detail in both architecture and the provision of services, so your stay is more than enjoyable.

The great hosts will give you tips on where to eat and what not to miss from the island. They even can assist you to find information for alternative activities like scuba diving and organized offroad trips with guide for lovers of 4X4. You can also take boat tours to unique beaches that are not otherwise accessible. If you’re a hiking enthusiast like us, Karpathos will become your personal paradise.

Unique view and high architecture

From the first moment we arrived, we were impressed by the architecture of our villa which was special to the last detail both indoors and outdoors. Aesthetics embrace your desires in an environment of very high standards. We enjoyed our breakfast in the courtyard overlooking the endless blue while the stone as material prepares you for the wild beauty you will encounter in Karpathos.

You mustn’t lose:

  • On the island of contrasts, as they call it, we were captured by Kira Panagia beach (the one which is very close to Lux View Villas) we went there many times. It is one of the most beautiful and most photographed beaches of Karpathos and not unfairly. It is named after the church that is located at the top of the hill and has turquoise waters. And of course, we enjoyed the private diving since we went on foot to the beaches which were close to our hotel. Makri Gialos and Kato Lakkos. In the days we visited them we did not even meet any human being. Totally isolated.
  • Take a walk in the settlement Olympus. We spent a whole day in the settlement-acrobat as they call it which is located on a steep ridge. The pictures you will face from there will reward you. In the evening we returned to the room, we had a drink in the courtyard with the special aesthetics and the stone on the walls which made your imagination alive, and the images were forever etched in our memory.

The island of contrasts is not going to leave you unmoved and Lux View Villas Karpathos will teach you all about affordable luxury…