It is where beauty meets tradition.

The Aegean sea has its large and famous islands but also its smallest treasures. The treasures that if you visit them once, it’s sure you will come back. An hour and a half away from Leros, there is such a heaven on earth that You’ll hear to call it the Maldives of the Aegean. It’s Leipsoi. The other name they call it is ‘The small Aegean Italy’ as on the island there is the so-called Italian neighborhood.

The island of tradition in the Aegean

We found ourselves in the Leipsoi during the period of the celebration of the Virgin of Haros, in August. Really a unique experience of how about 700 residents with all their heart organize everything that is happening on the island. They keep the traditions and you become one of them and you spend some of the nicest holidays of your life.

Because that’s the Leipsoi. The island where you will experience a summer getaway in a more relaxed rhythm and not with the hustle and bustle of the cosmopolitan of the Aegean islands. The way of life on the island is unique and the Italians love it. There you will walk in graphical alleys admiring the architecture, swimming in virgin beaches with crystal clear waters, and taste delicious flavors that you have not experienced before.

Leipsoi, the Maldives of the Aegean

Another thing that stands out in Leipsoi are its beaches. We went first at Katsadia, then at Hohlakoura, and at the end, we visited the best, Platy Gialos! That’s where you have the unique experience of swimming with ducks and geese. But they all have their own beauty that enchants you.

The closest beaches in Leipsoi Town are Liedou and Kampos which attract most people. Take a walk and find the one that suits you. In all of them, you will meet crystal clear blue waters that will remind you of an exotic destination. It is another surprise, which is hiding in this unknown corner of the Dodecanese.

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In Leipsoi, there is only one organized settlement. There is built the so-called Italian neighborhood where the Italians bought traditional houses, which they are overlooking the Aegean Sea, they renovated them, and they became part of the place. It’s no coincidence that Italians generally love the island. Let’s bet you’re going to love it, too…’