A seaside place different from the others

As you hear the word Gerakas, the region of Attica comes to your mind, but in reality, there is something much more impressive with this name in Greece. It is located in the Peloponnese and specifically in Laconia and they usually call it the unknown fjord of Greece. It is a beautiful seaside settlement that you can get to know and have a good time even in autumn, as long as the weather is calm.

Gerakas, a village – fjord in Greece

Gerakas is actually a very small and beautiful seaside village which is literally a fjord. From above you can see it better and it’s an image that will stay imprinted on your mind for years. Norway may be famous for its fjords, but also Peloponnese has its own beautiful fjord.

Gerakas is built on the east coast of the prefecture of Laconia and at a distance of about 20 km from Monemvasia. A beautiful settlement ideal for summer and autumn escapes. There you will enjoy peace and authentic beauty. You will see anchored sailboats and boats that find peace there and their passengers enjoy the blue waters. Maybe it reminds them somehow of an island in the Aegean. That’s the feeling you will sense if you get there.

Gerakas: The beautiful and unknown fjord of Greece

And I’m sure in this peculiar fjord of Greece you’ll find everything you need to have a good time. From rooms and restaurants to small shops with local flavors and souvenirs. That’s why it’s the perfect destination for your autumn break for a weekend away from the city of Athens.

How to get to Gerakas Laconia

The distance of Gerakas, the fjord of the Peloponnese, is less than 4 hours from the center of Athens. You can see HERE exactly where the area is. The route is very beautiful and you should definitely do not miss visiting Monemvasia. You will see a lot and have an even better time in this picturesque corner of Greece.