A small, well-hidden diamond

Euboea is one of the destinations located near Athens and is the ideal solution for a one-day or a weekend excursion. You will find dozens of beaches with crystal clear waters and long sandy beaches. Some of them aren’t that well known, but if you visit them once, you won’t want to leave. One of them is Korasida (the Daughter), a turquoise beach located just 2 hours away from Athens.

Korasida, the beach with turquoise waters just 2 hours away from Athens

Korasida beach is a beautiful pebbled beach, with pebbles that look like candies and it has crystal clear, turquoise waters (it is a perfect combination of mountain and sea). This beach is one of the most picturesque in Greece along with Kalamos. They are distinguished for their rare geographical location and picturesqueness.

In the location of Choneutikon digestive water gushes out. The fountain that exists at this site is a thermal one and its water can cures stomach and kidney diseases.

In the area of Tsiplogiannis (an area with plenty of natural gravel), are two unexploited and unformed caves, the homonymous cave of Tsiplogiannis and the cave of Haskza (this name means open hole or mouth).

The beach is penetrated into the sea by a small hill resulting in the formation of two small bays, Trachilos and Ag. Ioannis, with white sand. On these beaches, the combination of wild vegetation and transparent turquoise waters makes the location enchanting.

How to get to Korasida

Access is simple and easy. From Chalkis, we continue to South Euboea. We pass Vasiliko and Eretria, we continue to Aliveri after passing Amarynthos and after passing Aliveri we follow the road to Kimi. We pass the junction to Karystos and continue on to Kimi. In Neohori we make a right (there is a sign on the main road). After about a kilometre there is a sign that leads us left to Achladeri, Korasida, in 8 km distance. If we continued straight at the intersection, the road would lead us to Kalamos.

It would be better not to choose to pass through the village of Achladeri if you are not an experienced driver. This is because, the village, although picturesque, has a narrow uphill and winding road that you would generally pray not to see anything like this in your life! So, as we approach the village, we see a sign that leads us to the left (to a sharp but easy left turn) where we can drive peripherally of Achladeri.