It generously offers you sunlight, a beautiful sea and a warm hospitality

If you are looking for an island to have a quiet vacation, without a lot of people but with beautiful beaches, relaxation and hospitable residents, then Iraklia is probably what you are looking for. We were there last summer and we forgot words like traffic, taxis, banks, noise… The time you set foot on the island, all you have to do is familiarize yourself with its unparalleled beauty and simplicity. You get into the relaxed rhythm of the residents and get ready for vacations that will change the way you think.

Let’s start with a geographical approach as there’s a chance you don’t even know where this beautiful island is. Between Naxos and Amorgos are the so-called Smaller Cyclades. It’s a cluster of small but beautiful islands. These small islands are not particularly touristic, but, on the other hand, they retain such a beauty and tranquillity. They are destinations for those that are more “into it”. For those who don’t want the standard kind of vacation with big crowds and queues even when they want to buy a ball of ice cream.

So, Iraklia is the westernmost island in the complex. It has only two settlements, sightseeing naxos, or Chora, and Agios Georgios. The second one you will meet from the start as it is the port of the island.

Iraklia is for you, if you want to live a few days of the authentic island life. As soon as we got off the ship, we realized that on this island time is of no use.

Iraklia is also famous for its alternative side. It is an ideal destination for hiking enthusiasts since you can undoubtedly walk comfortably all over it. If you belong to this category, remember our words and take the path that leads to the Castle above Livadi.

What are you going to see in Iraklia actually? Blue, white and wild landscapes in a unique combination. Plus the view from many places that takes you to the neighbouring Small Cyclades.

The beaches of the island

The beaches that Iraklia has are not many, but everyone who has gone there, admits that they are extremely impressive(And so do we!) First of all, the beach of Agios Georgios, which is also the first you will see, arriving at the port of the island. Enjoy the shade of the trees and listen to the cicadas and the sound of the waves undisturbed. The second safe and nearby option is the beach of Livadi. Choose that especially if you are with a family.

Don’t forget

An important attraction on the island is the Cave of Agios Ioannis. It is worth it. As you walk in, you bend over and crawl for a few feet. About 20 rooms have been mapped in the cave so far, but you won’t be allowed into all of them.

On this island, the concept of relaxation takes on real meaning. If you choose it, you know you’re going to have the quietest vacation of your life. Simply put, you are going to have the basic of necessities for a few days, away from technology and big crowds. Sun and sea in a unique combination. Relaxation and the Island of Iraklia go hand in hand…