Turquoise waters and exotic atmosphere

Many Greek beaches have been distinguished and recognized internationally for their beauty and special characteristics. Crystal clear waters and golden sand make up exotic landscapes in which everyone would like to be found even for a few days of vacation. In this category of special locations belongs an impressive Greek beach that has pink sand. It is located in Crete and is called… BalosI’m sure you’ve heard of it.

White fine sand and turquoise waters are the first images you’ll see when you get there. If you pay a little more attention, of course, you’ll find that the sand is not only white but also… pink. This magical image of the crystal clear waters of the sea and the pink sand is seen only on one more beach in Crete, the one on Elafonisi. It is a distinct colour of sand which has been created because of the thousands of broken shells.

In fact, responsible for the pink sand, in particular, are some tiny crustaceans called Foraminifera, which, when they complete their life cycle and die, they leave behind their red shells that remain in the water and are crushed in the sand, which in turn acquires this impressive hue.

In fact, Ballos is a lagoon in the northwest part of Crete, on Cape Gramvousa. It is located just 56 km away from Chania and offers you an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. Beyond the rocks you will see on the beach, the waters are deeper and colder, ideal for diving with a mask. Like the surrounding area, they are part of the Natura protection programme, with rare species of flora and fauna.

Access to the beach is either by boat from Kissamos or by car, but by a bad dirt road so you have to be prepared.

The impressive Greek beach with the pink sand

Ballos is surely and not unfairly the most photographed beach in Crete. It is famous for its turquoise waters, wild their natural beauty and its wonderful exotic landscape. In summer, the beach is flooded daily by hundreds of visitors. If you are in Chania, then this special Greek beach with pink sand awaits for you.

The impressive Greek beach with the pink sand2

Photo Source: cretanbeaches.com

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External photography source: neakriti.gr