On the edge of the Peloponnese is a magical place

A village isolated, hidden, and at the same time so beautiful and picturesque. It is located in a corner of the Peloponnese and charms anyone who is there from the first moment. The village of Kyparissi in Laconia. A beautiful corner of Greece that offers unique emotions. The small village of the prefecture of Laconia is located spread out at the foot of Parnona and at its feet there is the sea. It is a seaside village that offers you both the experience of mountain and sea.

Kyparissi in Laconia of the Peloponnese is a very beautiful and picturesque village quite isolated. It is not only its place between the mountain and the sea but even the access to it. You should know that access is not easy to reach, but the result and the image you will see will reward you.

Kyparissi will win you over with its beauty from the first moment you see it panoramically from the hill. It is a village with narrow streets and picturesque houses with traditional courtyards manicured and full of flowers. In Kyparissi, you’re going to have a relaxing time and you’re not going to miss anything.

The distances are very close. The isolation it has essentially makes you feel calm after you have moved away from the mess of everyday life.

You will enjoy your swimming in one of the three beaches depending on your taste. It is Megali and Mikri Ammos with the small, white pebbles and which are located in the settlement of Paralias and the beach of Agia Kyriaki.

How to get to Kyparissi

Starting from Athens you will need about 4.5 hours to reach the village. You will pass through Corinth-Tripolis-Sparti-Geraki and Agios Dimitrios to finally reach the hidden but beautiful Kyparissi. The route after a point narrows so you have to be careful.

You’ll encounter big rocks on your way that will make you think you’re being cut off. Maybe you’ll get a little nervous about where you’re going to get to. All this until you get into Kyparissi. From up there, your eye will be lost in the sea. The closer you get to it, the more beautiful feelings will be born to you.