Where you can enjoy a warm swimming in autumn

In the hundreds of Greek islands that Greece has, what is certain is that you come across various images and events that surprise you, and many times they enchant you. Smaller or larger, they make up the coastline of our country and invite you to visit them not only in the summer but all year round. One of these islands that seems to be able to swim comfortably and in autumn is a small island in Halkidiki. Diaporos. It is a Greek island very well known for its beauty and for its warm waters. The images from the above are impressive.

Diaporos: The Greek island that it has warm waters all year round

Diaporos is exotic and unknown to many islets in Halkidiki. It is located opposite the famous and beautiful area of Vourvourou and enchants every visitor who is there. Vourvourou, after all, is no coincidence that it gathers every year hundreds of people who want to swim in its turquoise waters. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful areas of Halkidiki and stands out not only in the second but also in the first leg.

Diaporos has a characteristic you don’t often see. It has transparent, turquoise waters that are warm throughout the year. So you can enjoy a calm and beautiful swim and especially warm in autumn. And it is certainly a life experience to be, for example, in such warm waters in the month of October.

Diaporos has a very large natural bay which is 700 meters long. It ends up in very warm shallow waters. What complements the scenery in a unique way is the beautiful pine forest that makes the area a paradise.

How to get to Diaporos

firstly, you must go to Halkidiki. And it may be there a summer destination, but if you’re on the alternative holiday and you have a few days off, dare it for September. You won’t regret it. To get to Diaporos with the warm waters all year round, all you need to do is to rent a boat. Alternatively, a fisherman can pass you across. The experience will be unforgettable. Especially a time without a lot of people.

Photo Source: diaporos-boats.gr