A small island that you can tour in a few hours

Among the hundreds of beautiful small and large villages of Greece, there are some that are less known but have special characteristics. It is one of those islands that offer you a different experience if you happen to visit them. One of them is the green island of Pagasitikos bay that you can only visit by boat. We are talking about Old Trikeri. It is a rough diamond of an island with enchanting beauty, in South Pelion. A truly enchanting destination all year long.

To many, Old Trikeri is an unknown island. It may seem like time has passed over it, but that’s what makes it even more charming. There, you will feel peace and quietness that will be unforgettable for you. It is a green island that fills you with an aura of nature and the hospitality of its inhabitants. What makes Old Trikeri so special, is that you only get there by boat or water taxi. From the moment you set foot on it, all you see is the sea, the vegetation and the mountains of Pelion and Roumeli.

You basically go all the way to Alogoporos, you get in the water taxi and this new experience is… in front of you. In this particular island, you will meet no cars anywhere. Cars are totally useless, considering that within three hours time, you can tourthe island from side to side.

Arriving there, you will not find more than a few dozen permanent residents, who live thanks to their businesses on the island: their traditional taverns, rentals and cafes. If you haven’t had a Greek cup of coffee in this view, you can’t imagine what you’re missing.

The green island of Pagasitikos that you only go by boat1

The food at Paleo Trikeri is also a beautiful experience since you know you will eat fresh fish in the most beautiful view. An environment that has the fragrant of summer and tradition. And of course, from such an environment there is no shortage of enchanting beaches although few. The locals refer to them as Aphetka, Agia Sophia and Prasini Ammos. They’re all very close to each other, so you can easily turn them around even in one day. The crystal clear waters will be unforgettable for you, at the time of departure from the green and beautiful island of Pagasitikos.

External photography source: www.trikeri-insel.de