It has even its own desert.

A separate category of islands in Greece is that of the border islands in any corner of the country they may be. One of these border islands that stands out for its beauty is Lemnos. They say it is the Greek island that has elements from three continents (Europe, Asia and Africa) and not unfairly. And the fact that there is a small desert on the island proves it. All you need to discover it is to be there for a few days in the summer and you’ll be charmed.

And yet Lemnos is a magical place a small island of the northern Aegean where three continents meet. North of Lemnos, in the area of Gomati, on the slopes of the village of Katalakkos, the sight is completely unexpected. It is something you can’t imagine you could see in Greece or even Europe. A little… Desert. An endless surface of 70 acres, far away from the sea, full of sand, with dunes that constantly change shape, just like in the Sahara desert, depending on how they… are formed by the north winds. The scenery is absolutely reminiscent of Africa.

The Thick Dunes are sand dunes, that is, hills of fine sand and a few scattered garrigue that convey the charm of the desert, in the northern Aegean Sea. A landscape beyond words and at the same time unique in Greece and Europe. A purely African landscape, a miniature of the Sahara desert whose formation scientists are still unable to interpret.

On the other hand, the crystal clear beaches of Lemnos are a clear mark of the Mediterranean Sea. This border island is a real diamond in the Aegean Sea. With a deep history on its backs, culture and natural beauty, Lemnos has a special place in the hearts of its residents and visitors as well.

The Greek island that has elements from three continents

An island for a quiet holiday

Lemnos is the ideal destination for those looking for a quiet vacation and for those also who like discovering new things. Its villages, made of stone, are small masterpieces on the earth. Its beaches are golden with blue waters. The volcanic landscape is magnificent. Archaeological sites are rare. The imposing castles and settlements have their own tradition. Whatever you may need, can be surely found in Lemnos.

If someone visits this Greek island, that has elements from three continents, then he should definitely taste its traditional flavours. Wine, honey and cheese (melichloro, kaskavali, kalathaki) were sought after since antiquity times. Many of the recipes you will find on the island have elements from Asia Minor and the flavours are very special.

Don’t forget:

If you reach Lemnos this summer, remember that south of the island is the small island of Agios Efstratios or Agios Stratis (known as the place of exile of prisoners for political and other criminal offences). It is definitely worth visiting on a one-day excursion or for more days. It has a unique natural beauty – it has joined the Greek network “Natura 2000” – and also has amazing beaches and forests.

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