An exotic landscape with palm trees, a river and golden sand

Among the thousands of beaches of Greece are some that definitely stand out for their beauty and the dreamy scenery that surrounds them. This is also true about a Greek beach that looks like an African oasis. We are talking about Preveli beach with the palm forest by the river. It is one of the most famous and most favoured beaches in Crete.

The Greek beach Preveli in the style of an African oasis

Preveli Beach is located on the south coast of the island. of Crete, about 40 km away from Rethymnon. The picture you’ll see, as you get there, is riveting. It is a unique sandy beach with a small forest of palm trees that make it look exotic. It’s not coincidental that they say it looks like an African oasis. The pictures speak for themselves. That’s because the river forms a small lagoon before it spills into the sea.

This means that when you are there for summer vacations you can either swim in the salty waters of the sea, or in the sweet waters of the lagoon and the river! A special experience is also hiking and climbing up the river. The palm trees on the banks of the river offer a rich shade and the ground is smooth and sandy.

Because of this image and its unusual environment, the beach is a very popular destination for tourists ever since the 1970s, when many hippies who built huts with greens and branches from the palm trees came here to camp. It is even said that after Matala, it was the second most popular beach for hippies.

The Greek beach that looks like an African oasis1

At one point umbrellas and sunbeds were placed but were eventually removed. That’s because they were ruining the exotic image of the place. If you plan to go for a swim on this Greek beach you have to be prepared. You will surely enjoy the image of the African oasis that was kept unscathed. What is certain, is that it will be on your list of the most impressive beaches you have ever visited in your life.