Let the bus welcome you upon arriving at Mykonos’ new port of Tourlos

You have arrived by sea at the new port of Tourlos and want to go to the old port at the main town, which is called Chora, where the shopping and club action is. But Chora is two kilometers away and chances are there are not enough taxis for everyone. It’s the same thing when you deplane at the airport.

This is where the green and cream local KTEL buses come in. The bus is the cheapest and most frequent means of getting to Chora and to where you’ll be staying, a hotel, a villa to rent or some other accommodation. Whether at Tourlos or at the airport, the buses are there for you. So when you plant that trip to Myconos, you know that the KTEL will get you into the real Myconos and back. Avoid the fuss, take the bus.