Tower houses and turquoise waters in a unique combination

Nestled in a cove, against the background of Gerolimenas the imposing Laconia, Gerolimenas stands tall and awes anyone who visits him. It is the old base of pirates which today consists of stone houses reflected in the turquoise waters. This picturesque port is one of the most beautiful settlements of Laconia and is therefore a favorite destination of those who visit the Peloponnese. It uniquely combines the architecture of the stone with the water of the sea making it look like a painting.

Gerolimenas, the picturesque corner of Mani

This coastal settlement of Laconia is most likely named after its designation as a “sacred port” in antiquity. In the past it was the most important commercial port of the wider region and today it attracts many tourists.

In Gerolimena you will walk among impressive tower houses, dive in turquoise waters, eat good food and live relaxing moments. You can just sit back and enjoy a special view up and beyond Cape Tainaro. Images that stay etched in your mind and promise to repeat them for sure. After walking among the stone towers of the village do not fail to go to Cape Tainaro. You’ll have just reached the southernmost tip of continental Europe. It’s amazing…

The atmospheric Gerolimenas will offer you the peace and calmness you want. It combines the wild beauty of stone and sea. It has also been developed so it can offer you a pleasant stay in one of the very well organized accommodations.

Don’t miss:

  • Organize treks to the surrounding beautiful villages. One of the things that stands out is Vathia village. You will get there after traveling a distance of about half an hour by road towards Marmari and Cape Tainaro. Once you see the village, you’ll be in awe.
  • Go all the way to Gythio. It is about 50 km away but is one of the most picturesque towns of Mani. Prepare your camera because the tower houses won’t leave you unmoved.
  • The escape to Gerolimena can definitely be a gastronomic journey. Tast the local flavors and came back with supplies.