A unique life experience…

It is a much-photographed part of Greece and most likely you will have seen some of these pictures of the endless blue. The beach where just by sitting in a chair you can enjoy the magnificent view of the southernmost part of Europe. On the Island of Gavdo the beach of Tripiti A magical spot that really is in itself a special life experience. It is no coincidence that if you go on holiday to Crete you will be advised to visit the island of Gavdos and see this particular sight.

Tripiti, the beach with the famous chair

The beach of Tripiti is in fact the southernmost beach in Europe. It is located seven kilometers south of the port of Karavi and has a unique beach in the Libyan Sea. When you arrive, you will notice that to the east it is full of sand while to the west you will see large stones and pebbles

It is a beach created at the end of a dry river. It is next to it a small lake which is the location of many birds migrating from Europe to Africa. It is sure that because of its location the swimming on this beach is a special experience in your life.

The famous chair and its history

What about the famous chair and what is the history behind it? It starts many years ago, in 1986 after Chernobyl. It was then when some Russians decided to leave their country and stay in a pure and clean environment close to nature. And they chose Gavdos. Eventually, four of them arrived in Gavdos and they loved the island as their own.

The beach with the chair and the view from the southernmost point of Europe Then they came up with an idea. They took a huge chair and placed it on the rock of Tripiti. What was the meaning behind it? That real-life is in pure nature. The chair is placed on a rock 2.50 meters high and on a compass with the four points of the horizon On the back of the chair it is written the instructions “Smile, Relax”, meaning that only in this way you can find the peace and the rest you seek.

The beach with the chair and the view from the southernmost point of Europe1

Photo Source: cretans.gr

How to get to the beach of Tripiti

In Tripiti you can reach in two ways. The first is on foot from a path that starts from Korfos. The distance to be traveled is about three kilometers and the route passes through pine-covered areas of unique and rare beauty. The other way is by boat. Whichever way you choose, you’ll be thrilled.