The salty and the sweet you should definitely try on the island

From the famous wines and the little tomato to the fava bean, Santorini proposes a range of flavours that you will discover for the first time and will be excited. The volcanic soil and the special microclimate of Santorini result in the cultivation and growth of a range of products unique in taste. This, of course, is combined with the unique recipes of the island which are the result of years of processing food. Santorini and gastronomy go together.

Santorini spreads its beauty with pride on the wild rocks above the last part of the lost world of Atlantis. Eighty thousand years ago, the island of Santorini was born, when the first eruption of the volcano created Stroggyli. This special Aegean island is not by chance one of the most popular tourist destinations.

This romantic island offers everything you want in order for you to have a different vacation experience in the Aegean Sea. On the one hand the caldera and the idyllic sunset and on the other, the special beaches and the unique gastronomy.

Whatever you hear about Santorini is not enough in comparison to what you’re about to see. Santorini is on the list of things for one to see before one dies and not unfairly. We’re a little luckier than others since we almost have her next to us. If you are planning a short summer getaway or looking for a romantic trip for two, then Santorini will compensate you more than enough. For a highly romantic Cycladic air getaway and a view of the volcano, you should hear all there is to know before booking and making your suitcases.

A gastronomic trip with tomato meatballs and boussés

Two of the local recipes of Santorini that will not leave you unmoved are tomato meatballs and boussés. You must surely taste them both when in Santorini. Until then, you can make them at home with the recipes made by chef Argyro Barbarigou.

Tomato meatballs

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Materials needed

5 ripe and tight tomatoes or little tomatoes of Santorini
2 dried onions, finely chopped
2 spring onions, finely chopped
1/2a bunch of fresh wild mint, finely chopped
2 tablespoons of fresh oregano, finely chopped
2 tablespoons of fresh thyme, finely chopped
1 tablespoon of boucovo (hot pepper seeds)
1 beaten egg,
1 fl. spicy grated kefalotyri (or hard feta cheese grated)
4-5 tablespoons of self-inflating flour
olive oil for frying
freshly ground pepper


For the tomato meatballs, after washing the tomatoes, we finely chop them with a knife. Put them in a bowl. Add the onions, dried and fresh, and mix with a spoon to wilt from the tomato. Add the herbs, oregano, thyme, mint, cheese, egg, boukovo and season with salt and pepper.

Add the flour until you have a thin juice. Heat the olive oil and fry to brown, about 2 ́-3 ́ on each side. Leave them on absorbent paper to drain.

Bousé Santorini


Materials needed

1/2 kg of almonds (roasted and grated)
1/2 kg grated pti-ber biscuits (or breadcrumbs)
11/2 fl. Sugar
100 ml flower water
3 tablespoons of cocoa beans
sugar for finishing
caramel paper for serving


Santorini boussés, these little truffles that Santorini make in celebrations and feasts on the island, is a very easy recipe. In the past, instead of a cookie, they used to put a grated nut.

First, bake the almonds with the peel or without for a few minutes, about 10′ at 200 °C. After they have cooled completely, cut them into a blender.

In a bowl, add all the solid ingredients. Almond, sugar, cocoa and grated biscuit. Mix all the ingredients together and add a little flower water by kneading the mixture with your hands until you have a mixture that is formed into truffles.

Shape them into small round bites. Dip the boushès in granulated sugar and place them on caramel paper.

They are kept out of the refrigerator for many days. We give our thanks to the cultural association of Santorini and Rena Fytrou for the concession of the recipe.