The paradise of Chalkidiki with its turquoise waters

The truth is that Greece is composed of landscapes that combine white and blue colours. Blue coasts, sandy beaches and white islands that remind you why the Greek summer can not be compared to a summer in any other place. And there are places in Greece that stand out and steal your heart away from the first moment see them. Such a place is located in Northern Greece and is like a paradise. A landscape full of “blue lakes” that awes you especially when you look from above. These are the famous Gaidouronisia or Drenia as their official name is, in Chalkidiki.

Gaidouronisia is a blue paradise

Drenia or Gaidouronisia, as it’s usually called, is actually a cluster of six islands in Chalkidiki. They are characterized by their crystal blue waters and the fact that they come alive only in the summer months. The in some places flat and in other places bushy islands are filled with visitors from Greece and abroad who are enchanted by their beauty.

You can find them opposite Ouranoupolis and south of Ammouliani. In fact, if you want to see exactly where it’s located, click HERE.In most of the six islands, you will see lush vegetation while others have big rocks on which you can see Mount Athos. Their name was taken from the larger one while the others are called Artemis, Feti and Pena. Each has its own morphology but in all beaches of unparalleled beauty and impressive natural elegance are formed.

The “blue lakes” in Chalkidiki and their beauty

It is of no coincidence that they call the area the place with the “blue lakes”. On each island, the sandy shores and the small bays form such “lakes” made by nature filled with turquoise water. If you take a look at the seabed, you’ll be fascinated by the colours and species of fish you’ll see. A miracle of nature will unfold before your very eyes. In these blue lakes, you can also take your dives if of course, you decide to take your vacation in Chalkidiki.

Gaidouronisia: A landscape full of

To get there you will take the boat that leaves either from Ouranoupolis or from Ammouliani. There are a lot of itineraries in the day, so I’m sure you’ll find the one that suits you. If you now expect to see organized beaches, this will only happen once and has to do with the largest of the Gaidouronisia islands. Otherwise, you will see pure sandy beaches that literally resemble blue lakes. So the last thing you’re going to be interested in is finding sunbeds. On the largest island of the complex, however, you will find a shop to get a cup of coffee or whatever else you may need.

Until you get there and enjoy your dives, you can admire from above Gaidouronisia with their “blue lakes” through the video of the Haanity channel on Youtube. The images take you to a journey…