Crystal clear waters in landscapes of plane trees

If you belong to the category of those who believe that summer does not mean only sea waters, then the Peloponnese is the destination you should definitely explore. Even though it has amazing beaches, this time we recommend you holidays with cool dives into the rivers and the lakes of the Peloponnese. Experiences that will be unforgettable and you will want to repeat several times in your life. The Peloponnese is full of running waters and you can enjoy a great alternative escape away from the heat and crowds.

Lucius River

Amazing waters! Earthly paradise awaits you in the Lucios River. The river crosses a breathtakingly beautiful green landscape that offers you endless coolness. Opportunity for a summer dive different from the others. It is not by chance one of the most famous Greek rivers for diving. Start your journey from the stone bridge of Paleochora. Take a beautiful and unforgettable walk on the forest road to the Monastery of Filosofos.

Tip: In addition to diving, try the rafting experience on this particular river.

Lake Heraio

Within walking distance of Athens, you will find a magical place for all seasons of the year. Heraio is only 18 km outside Loutraki and is probably the most beautiful of the nearby destinations of the Peloponnese. So there you can organize a one-day stay and take a dive in the Lake Heraio. In fact, the waters of the lake are lagoon and are never frozen. They have the ideal temperature.

Tip: If you are there don’t miss a visit to the ancient temple of Hera which almost touches the sea.

Neda Falls

Four rivers where swimming is a unique experience1

Photo Source: Sp!ros

A scene out of a fairy tale. The waterfalls of Neda are not only famous not only in the Peloponnese but also throughout Greece. Where we recommend you with confidence to dive is in the large waterfall of Neda. Its waters create a natural “pool” while around you will swim in the river beaches that are formed. If you have not swum in the shade and coolness of the plane trees, you do not know what you are missing. Get your camera ready because the place is full of beauties..

Tip: If you like adventure ask one of the organized companies that there are in the area and try to cross a gorge. Summer is the ideal time for this.

The rivers and lakes of the Peloponnese are not just a holiday destination. It’s a life experience worth living at least once in your life…

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