A good idea for an autumn weekend

In autumn, what you need is to relax and to be able to welcome more pleasantly the winter. A nearby destination will help but it must combine mountain and sea. To remind you of the summer but also to put you in the mood of winter. And if you go all the way to Boeotia, then you’ve found exactly what you’re looking for. It’s Antikyra, and it’s waiting for you to have a good time no matter what time of the year you will be there. This picturesque fishing village of Viotia is the destination close to Athens that will offer you relaxed moments, a nice view, and strong feelings of nostalgia for the old Greece.

Antikyra: The nearby destination which combines mountain and sea

You will be there in less than two hours and is one of the ideal destinations for peace, relaxation, and good food all year round. It’s the Antikyra Viotia.

Antikyra was a classic small and picturesque fishing village which although it has become a town, retains many beautiful elements from the past. Also while it has a sea, in very close proximity are mountain settlements, which makes you feel that you are in the ideal place for an autumn weekend.

What’s worth visiting in Antikyra

In the area, there are many early Christian monuments, such as the five-aisled basilica with an ornate mosaic floor. Also revealed villas, houses, and baths from the 6th century A.D. In Ancient Antikyra you will see the ruins of the temples of Artemis and Athena, as well as parts of the ancient settlement.

Every time of the year you live a different experience in Antikyra and you will want to visit it again. In autumn it has relaxed rhythms and you will enjoy walks by the sea. These are moments that you miss the summer, period but you also wait with sweet anticipation the winter.

And all this close to Athens. To get to Antikyra, you need two hours at most. Which means it’s the perfect destination close to Athens if you want to get away on a weekend.

Antikyra destination close to AthensDon’t forget to try

If you are in the area you should definitely try some local flavors. In the wider area, you will find feta cheese, Formella, late cheese, yogurt from small producers, wines, syrupy sweets with walnut and honey, pies, and sweets of the spoon.