Contemporary Art has its own famed museum in beautiful Andros

A boldly varied cultural oasis, usually offering two exhibitions a year, the Museum of Contemporary Art is undisputedly Andros’ pride. Apart from the work of the Andriot sculptor M. Tombros, which constitutes the nucleus of the collection, the Museum houses works of the most important Greek artists.

Alongside the Greek collection, which is being constantly enriched, a collection of works by great foreign artists is being put together. The Museum (actually there are two, opposite each other), is the brainchild of the local Goulandris family, and since its inauguration in 1979 it has elevated the island to an Art Centre for both Greek and foreign visitors.

The two buildings are just a few steps down from the small busy square at the end of the pedestrianised main street in Chora. Every summer, the museum organizes temporary exhibitions showing works of contemporary major artists, which are complemented by a round table discussion, a fully illustrated catalogue, posters and postcards, film screenings on the life and work of each artist, guided tours and children’s workshops.

How to get to Museum of Modern Art