Discover the beauties of Andros by bus, car, bike or even water taxis

So you have arrived at Gavrio, Andros’ port and you are wondering how to move around. A useful advice is to initially hire one of the local Taxis to “show you the way”. After you get your bearings, renting a car or moped is advisable as bus services are limited and the island is too big to reach all the places of interest on foot. Cars, bikes and bicycles are available for hire in the main villages of Gavrio, Batsi and Chora.

Taxis are also available in all three villages but mainly operate from the ferry port. Some of the beaches can be reached by water taxis that connect all the popular beaches on the west coast and local travel agents will organize daily excursions for a price. A great island for walkers, in Andros there have been recorded over 25 hiking trails of varying difficulty that, both experienced and novice hikers can enjoy.

How to get around in Andros