A place drowned in the fir forest…

The further we leave behind the summer season, the more intense our desire to approach the mountain comes and we enjoy the first cool autumn breeze. And there are many places in Greece to enjoy something like this without driving many kilometers away from Athens. One of these options and nearby excursions close to Athens is Agorgiani. An ideal destination for autumn in which you will have a good time and you will enjoy the food as well. A combined journey of nature and gastronomy. Do you believe there is something better for you to do the next few weekends?

Argoriani: A favorite destination for the weekend

The dreamy side of Parnassos is ‘a must’ for winter but also one of the best options for an autumn excursion. It’s the Agorgiani which fascinate you from the first moment. They don’t unfairly call it the destination of four seasons. The Agorgiani, which is officially now called Heptalofos, will surprise you from the very first moment with its fir-drowned landscape!

This location of Fokida is with confidence the ultimate destination to come into contact with nature but also to feel the more quiet side of Parnassos. If you go on a weekend in Agoriani, you will stay in a traditional accommodation that will remind you of a village, you will walk in the picturesque alleys and you will hear only the sounds of nature. You’re going to get away from the noise of everyday life, and something’s going to make you think you’ve been there for days.

How to get to Agorgiani

Access is very easy and the route enchanting. Heptalofos is about 200 km from Athens and it will take less than two and a half hours to reach. See exactly where it is HERE.

Just 24 km away is Arachova which you can visit if you want in a short time.

Don’t forget

  • Drink the famous digestive water from the Basilica spring! It is a very picturesque and nice place and even ideal for romantic ones who love nature or the lovers of hiking. The luckiest will see squirrels and eagles fly through the sky in front of them.
  • If you go to the tavern “Stavros” try the cheese pie specialty! You’ll see that we are right!
  • Take some thicker clothes with you because the temperature is not like in Athens in autumn.

Photo Source: Heptalofos Parnassos – Boyani