Tips For A Taxi Driver

Taxi: An easy way to explore Mykonos

To move around in Mykonos is not so complicated, mainly if you use a taxi to explore the island or reach your destination more quickly.

However, there are only 31 taxis on the island and you need to know that taxi service in Mykonos requires a little planning, so taxis are mostly by appointment. Also, the main taxi stop is at the main square of the island.

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Getting Around in Mykonos With Bus

Mykonos buses: A cheap and easy way to move in the island

Mykonos is a small island with many beautiful places and you can move to different villages by a bus wherever possible, because it’s an easy and cheap way.

The island has an efficient bus service, known as KTEL, that can meet anyone’s needs the whole day. During summer, bus routes and schedules are frequent. Also, the bus can pick you up from any three main access points found in Chora, the vicinity of Mykonos town.

From any of the points you can check the schedules, routes and purchase a bus ticket.

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Getting From Port to Chora by Bus

From port of Tourlos or the airport to Chora by bus

The bus is the cheapest and most frequent means of getting from the new port of Tourlos or from the airport to Chora, the Mykono’s main town, which is a destination only 2km away. There, will wait for you the local KTEL buses.

Also you can take a bus to get you where you’ll be staying, at a hotel, a villa to rent or some other accommodation.

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Bussing Around The Beach

Mykonos KTEL buses can take you everywhere

The local KTEL bus service on Mykonos with its smart buses run all over the island, from beautiful beaches to seaside clubs, restaurants and cafes, with low fares.

During the summer, bus service run regularly throughout the whole day. The bus can pick you up from several spots, between the destinations.

The wonderful beaches of Mykonos are easily accessible, so don’t worry, the local buses can take you everywhere you like.

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The Trusty Night Bus

Go everywhere every time by bus

Buses in Mykonos run frequently and on schedule. So, since they run until 2 a.m. you can take them to get back to your hotel or the villa you are renting late at night, or explore the island the rest of the day, with low fare.

Moreover, a regular bus connects the New Port with the southern bus station, and there are buses running between the southern bus station and the nearby airport. So, you can go everywhere every time!

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